Amanda Daly

Amanda Daly founder of the Turnaround CEO and joint founder of The Insight Centre with Alex Morgan.

Previously Managing Director of Daly Telecom, Amanda brings you Practical commercial experience with a mixture of coaching, mindset and commercial skills to help scale and grow a business.

Amanda has a Post graduate degree in coaching and has successfully ran her own coaching business for 6 years. Having exited the IT business earlier, Amanda certainly is a coach that not only helps but also has taken the Leap of Faith to totally transform her life.

Amanda is an associate partner with With Wiley of everything DISC, offering individual and team assessments to improve team work, communication and productivity in the workplace.

Amanda is also a chair of Scale across Leicester, Nottingham and Derby, a board designed to work with business owners who want to scale business fast. In a safe, efficient and productive way.

Amanda is on the Business and Law board of DeMontfort University and is a trustee for Menphys.

The creation of The Insight Centre is to help create the best life for business owners and to provide access to the right coaches. Amanda strongly believes that the right coach at the right time is life transformational.