How to Join

Follow the steps in the video below to join our Membership Programme, along with booking yourself on to our exclusive events.

Further FAQs can be found at the end of this page.

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Take a look at some frequently asked questions if you find yourself unsure on anything.

Do I need to be a Member before booking an event?

You can browse through all our events on the website for free, but to book yourself on to the event you must first become a Member.

Once you are a member, all events are free to join.

Are the events free?

The events are free to join once you a Member.
To become a member, there is a monthly cost.

I have a discount code, do I need to pay?

If we have given you a discount code perhaps for a free trial, the cost of the membership may well be reduced to zero.

If that is the case, you can choose to not enter your credit card details during checkout by selecting Pay Later.

Note – if you do add your credit card details anyway, we will not be taking payment for anything if your basket is £0

How am I informed of an event I'm registered on?

At time of booking the event, you should receive an email containing some basic information and dates for your diary.

The Coach running the event will contact you directly later, with information Zoom or Teams links for example, if it is online.

Ready to get started?

We believe everyone should have access to a coach. How much additional investment you then chose to invest in yourself and coaching is your own personal choice. In the meantime membership with us will provide access to a timetable of seminars and coaching to help change the way you see, act and feel.

Get started with a monthly fee of £149.00 + VAT. We are different!