Lyann Farrelly

I believe that everyone has the talent and capability to go far and I love that as a coach and facilitator, I get to help you and your organisation navigate your unique journey toward that potential. 

You will experience an empathic and considered coach and facilitator who will lean in and explore the real issues, working with you to discover how you can best approach any challenge. I specialise in helping individuals, business owners and leaders find their authentic self, feel confident and connected to their purpose and be empowered to achieve their goals

I have a person-centred approach, to coaching, design and facilitating, building strong, trusting relationships which allow clients to feel safe and enabling them to learn.  Largely, influenced by intentional change theory, and finding what is at the core of you as an individual to build sustainable changes. I also use somatic coaching, mindfulness practices and art to find a route to that core.  As I have collated a broad range of coaching tools and methods, I take pride in having the ability to use the right tool for the right situation.   

I have over 20 years of HR and OD experience, and in that time, I have empowered my clients to achieve their goals across a broad range of organizations and industries including large global powerhouses such as Warner Bros, Warner Media and PWC. Locating for some time in the US, working for Warner Bros studios in Hollywood, which gave me an insight into the complexities of large matrixed organisations and working in global teams, as well as smaller, mid-size firms.  In my career I have been head of learning and development functions, as well as organisation development teams.